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anthony-cold-coconutAnthony Newcombe, ANJET President/CEO

Update - 2016-17 season

Welcome to ANJET, one of the most affordable, flexible and accessible firms in private aviation charter.  My name is Anthony Newcombe, ANJET's co-founder, President and CEO.  Our goal is to provide our clientele with a superior overall private aviation experience, drawing from our business relationships developed through the years with thousands of aircraft operators worldwide. We not only represent our clients in the realm of charter trips, but also in the buying and selling (and/or leasing) of private aircraft.

No pun intended, but time surely has flown by! We are now well into our 8th year since first launching this global private jet business. From the beginning, our goal was to provide the most exemplary service to as many clients worldwide as possible. We’ve formed partnerships with some of the most esteemed sports, international business and entertainment organizations; expanded our offices into the most populous regions of the globe; and enabled many of our clients to witness some of the most spectacular sites and events in modern history (secluded exotic locales, Super bowls, presidential inaugurations and the like!).  I must say it’s been a thrill for us to be a key ingredient in this process - and we plan to continue going forward!

However, we’ve endured our share of head winds in some extremely challenging economic times since 2008. We’ve witnessed a global recession, ongoing wars, and a big downturn in the jet industry – factors that have driven many of our colleagues in other directions.  Throughout, we’ve steadfastly maintained our core principles, namely providing our clientele with access to the most modern and safest aircraft at the absolute lowest prices we can negotiate.  While we acknowledge that our aircraft operators also deserve their fair share, we’ve established a reputation with them that “ANJET really fights hard for its clients.”  We’re proud of this perception - and we’ll honor our commitment to our three most important words in this business: service, service and service.

Over the past eight years, ANJET has achieved the following:

 2011-12 – Expanded our Los Angeles corporate offices into Hong Kong.


 2013 - Launched our private island jet tour program in all parts of the world for our ultra-discriminating clientele. We assist in all areas of resort trip planning for groups of most sizes for events, including weddings, corporate outings, golf getaways and more!      


 2015 – www.anjet.net surpassed the 1,000,000 mark for gross hits for the first time.  While we’re aware that there are sites generating larger volumes through different methods, we are proud to have achieved this milestone strictly organically. More importantly, our visitors are loyal and engaged - averaging more than 6.5 minutes per site visit!


Thank you for taking the time to learn about some of our updates.  We hope to hear from you soon.  Please feel free to submit details of your next itinerary (Get a Quote!) and one of our professionals (perhaps even myself) will be pleased to provide you with a complimentary quote!  Until then, all the best and Happy Flying!!



Anthony, ANJET & Co.

ANJET "Hot Spots"

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  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Grand Cayman
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