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From the President and CEO

Welcome to ANJET

anthony-cold-coconutAnthony Newcombe, ANJET President/CEO

Summer - Fall 2015

ALOHA and welcome to ANJET, one of the most affordable, flexible and accessible firms in private aviation charter.  My name is Anthony Newcombe, ANJET's co-founder, President and CEO. 

In recognition of our 7th year in the private jet industry, I have decided to put the tie away and welcome our site visitors with a tropical libation from the sands of Hanalei Bay, Kauai.  From the start, we set out to provide the most exemplary service to as many clients worldwide as possible.  I'm pleased to say that we have succeeded in our original plan!  We've formed partnerships with some of the most exclusive sports and entertainment organizations; expanded our offices into the most populous regions of the globe; and enabled more than a few clients to witness some of the most spectacular moments in modern history - Super Bowls, presidential inaugurations, superstar concerts, and the like.  We are happy to have taken some part in it all.

All the while, we've built up our company during some extremely challenging economic times. It takes unbelievable amounts of patience and resilience to successfully navigate these turbulent waters. The good news is we've steadfastly maintained our core principles of providing our clientele with access to the most modern and safest equipment in which to travel, and at the absolute lowest prices that we can negotiate. While we must be mindful that our aircraft operators deserve their fair share for providing the equipment and crew, I think our reputation among them is well known that "ANJET really looks out for its clients." We are proud of this recognition and will continue to do our best to keep our commitment to our clients - what we refer to as the most important element in our business: service, service, and service.

ANJET has also been fortunate enough to give back to the community, supporting local charities such as the National Council of Jewish Women, March of Dimes and the Los Angeles Mission, to international organizations such as the Red Cross and Community Chest of Hong Kong.

Last, but definitely not least, we are in the midst of a full rollout of our private island jet tour programs. We are working with a bevy of private island hosts in many corners of the world who have helped us fulfill this unique and luxurious type of travel for our clientele.

We hope to hear from you soon. Please feel free to submit your itinerary online and one of our professionals will be pleased to furnish you with a complimentary quote.  All the best and happy flying!!

ANJET "Hot Spots"

jet soaring into the sunset

  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Grand Cayman
  • Shanghai
  • Joburg, South Africa