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A few quick tips for Better Business Travel

Question: How many times have we stumbled off to an early morning business trip – only to realize we are completely unorganized?  Oftentimes, we take a fairly simple process and complicate it by committing the kinds of oversights that we would never tolerate in the office.  Below are a few examples that might sound familiar to us all:

  • The 5-minute shave, shower and shuffle
  • The 4-minute pack ‘n’ push-off
  • The 3-minute coffee – oatmeal – dash (of course, with chin crumbs in tow)

And we aren’t talking about an emergency business trip booked at 2-3 a.m. the morning of, but rather one typically planned 2-3 weeks ahead!

So, where does that leave us?  For starters, let’s make this easier by taking a page out of the old book of common sense:

(1) Gentlemen:  whenever possible, try to get your shave in the evening prior.  And, if possible, take your shower too.


(2) The coffee maker should be set to auto-perk.  It saves a big 5 minutes during crunch time, the aroma both serves as a back-up alarm clock and gets the morning juices flowing.  Oh, and from a safety standpoint, this lessens the chance of a “rush/ spill” – resulting in third degree burns.


(3) Last – but never least – pack those bags the night before! If you need professional pointers (though experienced, I am hardly an expert!) on how to pack your clothing wrinkle-free and in good form, then click to: Packing to save space

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