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with our CEO, Anthony Newcombe

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Adam Hadwin

Q: Who the heck is Adam Hadwin?

A: I know.  We’ve heard it before. Simply put, in sports, we have “The Catch” (Joe Montana to Dwight Clark), “The Drive” (John Elway) and, of course, “The Meltdown(s)” (Atlanta Falcons: more than once!) This year, after nearly 70 without a Canadian winner, its country celebrated its first win with a nearly 70 foot putt by Nick Taylor. And from that, now, we can add “The Tackle” (starring the RBC security guard with special guest: Mr. Adam Hadwin).  All I can say is every NFL team needs to copy the guard’s technique on the edge rush!  Oh, and what a great sport A.H. was!  NOW, we all know who you are and what you do for a living!

Travel A.I.

I was asked recently, “Do you think professional pilots will ever be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

I don’t believe so anytime soon.  HOWEVER, I do believe there will be so many technological upgrades in the transportation industry that one of the few “human touches” of air travel will be the pilots themselves.  Hopefully, we’ll extend that indefinitely to cabin attendants likewise.  Nevertheless, “stay tuned …”

What books are recommended for summer 2023?

Last month, I finished The Attention Merchants by Tim Wu. It’s been on the market for many years now, but there are still very familiar vibes in place in 2023 as we navigate the waters of “manipulation and being manipulated” by our advertisers and others.

For more information, check out The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Inside Our Heads (publ. 2016), by Tim Wu.


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