Is it TOO 🔥HOT for …

Air travel?

Walking on the pavement?

Watering the yard? (See personal example below)




I know, it sounds ridiculous.  BUT all the above are being “tested” during the current heatwave crossing the … globe! In fact, I just completed the third entry from the list above, and my shirt collar has as much perspiration (okay, SWEAT!) around it as if I had run three full pickup games of hoops during “cooler” months! 

It’s happening right before our very eyes, folks.  The world is literally on fire.  It shouldn’t matter what your political viewpoint is on climate change, global warming, etc.  The concern should be: Can we do the routine things we are accustomed to before anything is changed?


One ways? Empty legs?  Deadheads?  What do they all mean?  Are they the same?

I’m always asked, “What are these terms and how do the bookings work?”

Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that to obtain one of these valued flights, one must be financially prepared to do so.  Messaging one of our social media handles or emailing/ calling with a last-minute demand of “How to we get a plane today from New York to L.A.?!”

The short answer is it probably won’t happen. Between paperwork, bank wires, and insurance needed to properly book a jet, we always ask you to plan with an ANJET ExecuCard purchase.  This will allow you to select a level: usually from $100,000 to $1 Million which allows us to deduct the base amount of the trip rather than arrange for bank wire via your financial institution.  This greatly lessens the time it takes to book a trip at the last minute.

Also, it enables us to negotiate the best available aircraft for the best price (as well as add all passengers to the flight insurance) as well.  We may also require posting a credit card for incidentals, food on board, taxes, etc. for final billing after the trip.  However, we don’t “offer terms” or “bill the base amount to a credit card” at ANJET.  For the above reasons, one can see the importance of purchasing the ANJET ExecuCard prior to inquiring about specific routes and itineraries.


My book of the month is: Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg (publ. December 2019)

Yeah I know.  You want something new, right?  Well, I know from experience (my first book was published in the same year just before COVID-19 interrupted our planned book tour in spring 2020) that sometimes, really great things come in older packages!  This is not only a great tool for the overly ambitious, but great for the underachiever likewise.  I mean, what can be simpler than simplifying everything we do?  Well, read it and you’ll see that it sometimes is harder than it looks.  The good news is B.J. Fogg walks us through the process in easy-to-follow steps in a light-hearted, unpretentious way. 

B.J. Fogg also has a site with a soup to nuts method of showing us how to accomplish BIG things via sequential tiny habits!



Anthony Newcombe is the founder and CEO of ANJET (2008).  He also is a published author & narrator (2019), as well as a full-stack web developer (2015).  Please feel free to message him at


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