with our ANJET CEO, Anthony Newcombe


We chose the commercial pilots on the verge of striking as this month’s #ShoutOuts.  No one likes or wants to hear about any strike, but it’s important for the aggrieved to get justice and allow the process to play out.  We (and they likewise) are aware of the important role each of them serves in moving us around the world.  We need to ensure that they are being properly compensated for keeping us safe and moving!

Summer 2023 Travel:

What do you foresee this summer in travel?  Well, if it’s any indicator, we were informed by a trusted driver that the lines for passenger pickups lower level at L.A.X. (Los Angeles) “were 8-10 deep!” This was on a Friday night but still before the summer rush!  

So, I would say, the post-Covid “rush to get up and away to someplace else” looks to be alive and well for the foreseeable future.  We hope our commercial carriers will do their very best to keep everyone moving along, but that of course remains to be tested. 

For now, just “pack your patience,” and know that it’s still far better than the days of shutdowns and isolation!


This month I am highlighting two works – but in the same genre (memoirs) – penned by a couple of movie and television actors who in the same publishing year wrote two of the finest autobiographies I’ve read in quite some time.  Both books “deliver the goods” with equally candid deep dives into their polar-opposite paths into Hollywood.

Matthew Perry Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir (2022)

Viola Davis Finding Me: A Memoir (2022)


Anthony Newcombe has served as founder and CEO of ANJET since 2008.  He also is a published author & narrator, and a full-stack web developer


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