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Current Legs (FOR SALE – in U.S.Dollars$“)

5/29-5/31: Los Angeles to London (Gulfstream G-450, heavy jet, seats 11) $55,750.

* If your itinerary points are a close match – but not exact – please email and we will attempt to accommodate your party at the closest possible quote

ANJET ExecuCard: “BUY before you FLY” (scroll down for details)

Previous (SOLD or No Longer Available )        

5/18-5/21: Phoenix to Boston (Hawker 850XP, mid-jet, seats 7) $27,370.

5/21 only: Austin, TX to Chicago (Citation X, super-mid jet, seats 7) $21,000.

5/24-5/27: San Francisco to Honolulu (Challenger 605, heavy jet, seats 12) $49,985.

*STEP 1: Read and Save ANJET ExecuCard Description below for quickest access to current available legs*

*STEP 2: Email us for final contract agreement and terms*

*All quotes and aircraft are subject to availability.

**Quotes are base flights hours only: exclude F.E.T., international taxes, meals, etc. (all will be included in final booking quote)

Please email charter@anjet.net for questions. Thank you!

HOW EMPTY LEGS WORK: Save on air travel when available private jet routes open up either to or from plane’s base

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