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Sorry, 50 Is NOT The New 30, is a new audio book (full audio release available on 2/1/2019), with the e-book version release shortly thereafter.   Sorry… focuses on Anthony’s rebuke of “denials of middle age.”  He uses  unique angles of observational humor to shed light on all of the reasons why aging is as tough as it sounds – if not worse!  For more information, please click onto the following link https://sorry50isnotthenew30.com


WritePlus is a platform (circa 2013) dedicated to solutions consulting through BAN Solutions & BAN Consulting. WritePlus specializes in marketing, professional content development, web development and design, and provides strategies for brand building, sales team building – as well as many other services! It also serves as a platform for breaking business news worldwide. Please click onto the link below for more information http://writeplus.biz