Where Can We Travel?

3 Questions

with ANJET CEO, Anthony Newcombe

Q1: (subscriber question) What should we do when trip-planning for travel to or near the Middle East region – given the ongoing military conflicts? (Henry and Lisa T., Illinois)

A: First, we recommend taking all official travel advisories very seriously.  Any suggestions to avoid certain regions should not be ignored.  If I were speaking to family or friends, I would tell them it is best to avoid “hot spots” right now and do their best to consider “less problematic travel destinations” until the environment cools down. The one thing we all just learned going through the Covid-19 era is that “at least we can go somewhere!” 

Q2: SHOUT OUT OF THE MONTH: Who gets this month’s shout out?

A: This month’s (shout out) #SHOUTOUT goes to the brave Alaska Airlines pilots and flight crew who snuffed out the ride along, off-duty pilot’s attempt to shut the engines down. This story could have turned out so much worse for all of those aboard and on the ground too. Now, if we can just do something to ensure that this type of behavior is better screened against (prior to boarding), it would be even better!

Q3: What book(s) do you recommend for reading this month?

A: I just finished Dopamine Nation by Anne Lembke (publ., 2021).  It’s a unique approach addressing America/Americans’ insatiable need for instant gratification.  She introduces us to some very regular people who introduced her to some “irregular stories.”  Let’s just leave it at that … a very good read!


Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author & narrator, and full-stack web developer. He can be reached for appearances via our CONTACT PAGE.


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