3 Questions

with Anthony Newcombe, ANJET CEO

Date: May 24, 2022 


We get asked by clients flying aboard smaller aircraft: Why do we need 2 pilots? 

A:  A good answer is to look to the story in Florida last week. Just in case you weren’t paying attention, there was a passenger (with no professional flight experience) who was forced to act when his single pilot was stricken with a debilitating medical condition. We never want something like this to ever happen. That is why we are required by law to add a (SIC) Second-in-Command pilot to all of our charter flights – even on small aircraft missions!

(2) What are some client pet peeves aboard private jets? 


A: The old “$35 Caesar Salad story” comes to mind. Actually, adjusted for inflation, this would probably cost $75 in 2022 dollars! Once air time, fuel costs, and other ancillary expenses are added to the final bill, nothing will “stick in the craw” of a client more that staring at the price of something that wasn’t anywhere worth the bill. Therefore, it is always better to ensure the meals (and drinks) are just as high quality as the sparkling machine and its accessories. Otherwise, it may cost a broker or operator a great client!


(3) Are there any “milestone moments” of late which you’d like to share?  

A: In January, we will begin our 15th calendar year!  For those keeping score at home, September 20th will be the exact anniversary date.  We want to do something special for our loyal client and subscriber base beforehand. 

Q: Like what?

A: Well, let’s just say we are long-range planning to offer some type of drawing for a free trip (destination unknown at this time).  So, just register and stay tuned! We’ll officially announce details on our website and via social media in September, 2023!

Happy (and safe) summer flying folks!

– A.N. 


Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur who founded ANJET in 2008 and serves as its CEO. He is also a published author & narrator, and full-stack developer. He can be reached for appearances via our CONTACT PAGE.


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