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“Fly with the elite, the best of the best…”

A Message From the CEO, Anthony Newcombe

**ANJET Celebrates 10 year Anniversary!!**


Message from the CEO, Anthony Newcombe


(Greetings from the Hawaiian Islands, December, 2017)

Welcome aboard!  We are ANJET – one of the most affordable, flexible and accessible firms in private aviation charter and jet sales.  My name is Anthony Newcombe, company chief and global trekking expert.

Our goal is to provide our clientele with a superior overall private aviation experience, drawing from our business relationships developed through the years with thousands of aircraft operators worldwide. Whether we are in thriving economic times or downturns, we always try our best to minimize the expense of chartering an aircraft – while working tirelessly to locate the best possible rate and selection for our client base.

Additionally, we have developed key partnerships with organizations who share our core business philosophy, which is focused on three areas: exemplary service, highest integrity and best value.  Our website is by design a very user-friendly platform that easily extends to our global portfolio of wealthy individual and business clients (and to new prospects as well!).

Finally, ANJET is committed to community involvement, where we strive to give back our time and resources to the areas in which we serve.  Throughout our journey, we have participated in many types of charity events, golf tournaments, and the like – as well as donated to the local youth centers and extra-curricular programs with which we most align.

We forward to hearing from you.  We will do our absolute best to ensure that you enjoy the best experience possible from end to end.   Please feel free to forward your upcoming itineraries for competitive and complimentary e-quotes – usually within 24-48 hours or sooner.  Thank you in advance for your time and interest!

ANJETFly with the elite, the best of the best…” ™





Company Mission       

  • To provide our clientele with a complete flying experience.  The way ANJET achieves this is to give our clients the excellent personalized service they expect: for corporate, leisure, medical or cargo transportation needs 


  • Surprise them with customized, added concierge services that the typical charter company hasn’t taken the time to think of, and/or may lack the expertise to conceive and execute efficiently


  • Assist our clientele with sales of any model of private aircraft they may come across.  Our experience and resources extend to a vast, global network of private aircraft professionals whom we can tap for most every aviation need      


Boeing Business Jet (seats 27-30)


Come along on a continuous journey with ANJET around the globe to discover a new YOU!  We will add new content often and we look forward to hearing from you likewise.  Like all travel, this a two-way street!