with ANJET CEO, Anthony Newcombe

SHAZAM!! # 1

Q: What do you think of the new speed train from L.A. to Vegas in about 2 hours’ time?

A: Actually, I was completely surprised by the announcement. I had been following the story for quite a while but, like many, assumed the project was “dead in the water.”


a nice shout out to those who made it happen. Hopefully, it will ease the traffic issues on such a busy and important thoroughfare for our American transportation system! Now, if they can just get their act together on the LAX People Mover project!!


Monday was Earth Day 2024 (Holly L., Bangor, Maine)

Q: “Since you’re involved in an industry (private jets) often criticized for damaging the environment, what did YOU do on Earth Day 2024 to help the environment heal?”

A: Wow, tough crowd! Anyhow, we ensure to add a bevy of plants and trees to our garden each spring! It’s not much, but if EVERYONE follows along, we could be a big help overall!

Reminder: It’s World Book Day! Let’s all promise ourselves to “READ A BOOK!” In fact, as the commercial says: Feed your mind, folks, feed it!

What’s our book of the month profile? Killers of the Flower Moon, by David Grann (c. 2017). This book’s story is as amazing as it is hurtful. I recommend it for your “home library!” Haunting and educational too!

Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author & narrator, and full-stack web developer. He can be reached for appearances via our CONTACT PAGE.


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