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ANJET: Fly with the elite, the best of the best …”

1) Bolts, etc. (the Boeing saga continues)

Nobody wants to hear a global leader in aircraft manufacturing tiptoe around the issues regarding flying doors and horrified and angry passengers. Unfortunately, Boeing has attracted this negative attention and it is in all of our best interests to have these problems fixed – once and for all.

2) “How do you think Paris will measure up travel-wise for the Olympics this summer?” Yolanda P., The Bronx, N.Y.

I was able to do some reconnaissance on the ground of the “City of Lights” back in late January of 2024. After riding on the metro and taking several ride shares around the city, I believe this will be quite a full plate for our friends in Paris. Traffic, politics, and homelessness are some of the main issues (as they are in most major cities) but hopefully they’ll be able to manage the flood of … everything coming at them this summer!

3) Book recommendation: Going Infinite, The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon, Michael Lewis, (copyright 2023).

In case you’re completely unaware, this is a deep dive (Bahamian deep) into the “journey” of the enigmatic Sam Bankman-Fried from childhood to, well, behaving childlike in the very “adult” world of cryptocurrency fraud and money laundering behind the veil of FTX. Rather than drone on, I’ll embed a link below so you can see and hear the author’s thoughts of his findings.


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