A Closer Look …

with Anthony Newcombe

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Area(s): business, politics (and the strange ways they seem to intersect these days)

Topic: Business “Monopoly sweepstakes” during this pandemic 

Issue: Are “favored” companies taking unfair advantage of “unfavored” ones – as well as the rest of us – during this pandemic? 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but notice recently an upsurge in ‘monkey business’ going on in the business world nowadays.  Whether it’s cash-rich companies casting their M & A (Mergers and Acquisitions) fishing lines into the ocean to snag hobbled competitor companies holding on for dear life; other titans meeting with our highest ranking politicians in order to stake their claim in gobbling up a 100 Million subscriber international social media darling. Or, former household names I thought were broke, busted and otherwise obsolete – now arisen again and levitating above the ashes to get in line to obtain an enormous cash infusion for “emergency purposes” – like coming up with a vaccine that they were never in the business of coming up with one before. It just seems a little “Twilight Zone-ish” to the rest of us.  Perhaps you’d like to weigh in on this one. Or, as the late, great Rod Serling used to say, “… submitted for your approval …” 

What do YOU think? 


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