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with Anthony Newcombe

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Area(s):  Education, Business, Psychology 

Topic: Reliance on remote technology for school, work, and emotional well-being … 

Issue: Are we putting so much emphasis on virtual technology that we may find ourselves paralyzed when it’s time to ‘come back into the real world?’ 

Let’s get something straight from the outset.  I have no special insights or secrets for what the heck we are expected to do from 2021 onward.  However, like nearly all of you out there, I find myself thinking, discussing, and, occasionally, well, fretting about the repercussions of this new world we’ve had to carve out for ourselves in order to move forward however quickly or slowly we perceive we are. 


The most recurrent thought is about this Zoom/ GoToMeeting/ TikTok ‘stuff.’  Whether we’re trying to get through a lecture, business meeting, family call, or, creating the next (wink, wink) viral video sensation (we’re all at some point toying with our 15 minutes of fame, right?) – we should also wonder what exactly all of this means. We instead seem to mindlessly download, log in and share every nook and cranny of our lives with – well, who knows who?!  In other words, are we potentially exposing ourselves to future legal matters (IP/ property theft, civil liability, etc.) while making use of this technology?   

What are we to do – not use it? Our boss scheduled the call, and we want to keep our jobs, right? But, are we giving too much away?  Is it causing us to become too reliant on it?  Is someone we don’t know downloading and sharing with others (we also don’t know) some of our most important moments and details from inside our homes?  Certainly, all the answers aren’t clear for us – yet!  But there will be soon … 

What do YOU think? 


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