How’s YOUR Summer?

3 Questions

with Anthony Newcombe 

Date: June 20, 2022 


(1) Last month, you shared some of the private jet passenger peeves. Any peeves on your end? 

A: First of all, I never discuss peeves concerning passengers. However, on a personal note, I really can’t stand those little “freshener packets” that fly out of the bacon bits container right into my salad or potato. It’s beyond annoying. Why can’t they design something that will just stay in the container? It seems so easy. Does it have to free style? 


(2) What are you doing to help with all of the commercial airline cancellations going on? 

A: Fortunately, we offer our ANJET ExecuCard for those who can and want to have the ability for us to locate an aircraft for them in order to get to their desired destination. Just remember that if weather conditions are really the cause of the cancellation, chances are we will encounter the same. The good news is that we can often depart and land at many different locations so sometimes we can successfully move passengers even in tougher weather environments. Either way, we do our best to try to accomplish the mission at hand. 


(3) What are you reading as we head into summer?  

A: I recently finished A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. I know, you might wonder what took me so long, but I’m pacing myself! It takes a little time to read everything! 

Happy (and safe) summer flying folks!



Anthony Newcombe is founder and CEO of ANJET. He is also an author, narrator, and full-stack developer. He can be reached via our CONTACT Page.


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