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Which destinations do you see as being most in demand this holiday season?

A: As usual, most island locales, from the Caribbean to Hawaii, have been booking early and at the top-tier pricing level. Of course, with the strong dollar, we are seeing Japan and many parts of Europe looking great too. I guess, with all of the cautions and restrictions we’ve been living by during Covid-19, travelers are “getting out there” and are not being curtailed by prices for the most part.

For those of us who try to avoid commercial travel, what’s the best way for us to get in the mix for empty leg jet savings?

A: First, select an ANJET ExecuCard (levels start at $100,000 and go up to $1,000,000) so we have the ability to secure an empty leg for you without delay for payment. Equally important, this allows a client to book during a trip where the likelihood of getting a bank wire together is remote or impossible.

Also, we always recommend making “refundable reservations” on commercial flights as a safety net for empty legs. Though we can usually obtain a private aircraft to/from most any location, we have absolutely no control over the aircraft operator.

Ultimately, the operator makes the final decisions on availability. In fact, if, for any reason, the operator either cancels the empty leg (anything from pilot illness to mechanical), we need to be flexible in order to complete our client’s trip. That, sometimes, involves making use of a commercial ticket.

What are you reading now?

A: I just completed the Moloka’i series by Alan Brennert. The “companion tale” is called Daughter of Moloka’i. Alan is such a master of description. This is my recommendation of the year! He really makes you feel like you’re in every setting and it’s a tough one to put down in the end.

Though I’m more of an e-book reader these days, my wife is more into paperbacks. So, she made sure to add the paperback versions to our home library. She fell in love with the Moloka’i duo likewise!


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