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with our CEO, Anthony Newcombe

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What’s your #1 safety recommendation for travel?

Keep that seat belt on! I know it sounds simple (and redundant) but if you’re paying close attention, the atmospheric turbulence has risen dramatically – resulting in many more injuries sustained in flight.  Always best to keep belt buckled (even if loosely) so that you can quickly adjust if encountering a serious air pocket in flight.

Living or dead, who would you most like to meet up with at a bar to have a cocktail with over good conversation?

This is a pretty easy one.  I think it would be the late, great Anthony Bourdain.  He was such an inspiration for not only travel but good food and drink too!  I can’t think of a much better conversation than the one with the G.O.A.T.!

Which books are you highlighting this month?

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Inside YouTube’s Chaotic Rise to World Domination

By Mark Bergen, ©2022

Genre(s): Business & Technology


This month’s book is a well-researched work on the methods used to create and build one of the most successful (and controlling) sites in social media.  It was written by a business & technology journalist whom I’ve seen make appearances on Bloomberg Technology commenting on the tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and the others.  It’s a great read and filled with nuggets only a true “insider” would know!



Anthony Newcombe has served as founder and CEO of ANJET since 2008.  He also is a published author & narrator, and a full-stack web developer.  He enjoys reading other people’s works and tugging on his workout bands on short breaks from long stints on his computer screen.


Since 2008, a leading private charter and jet sales company ...