with ANJET CEO, Anthony Newcombe 

It’s going out to Gold Bond Foot Cream. I know I’m dating myself some, but with our “harsher than ever” new climate conditions, added walking (and less driving) during excursions, etc., I’m finding that my old feet aren’t getting as beaten up from all the wear and tear during travels. Chalk it up as a good thing!

Q2: What is your “must pack item” for staying in shape during this summer’s trip destinations? (via our website, from Mr. Augie L., Jackson Hole, WY)  

Thanks for your question, Augie. It seems just about every year I find something new and important to pack for travel. This summer, it must be my #WorkoutBands (!) 

In fact, I think they are single-handedly one of the best items for maintaining strength, tone, and flexibility – all while weighing nothing and taking up literally no space in our luggage … perfect! 

Coffee, croissant, and a BOOK!

I just wrapped up Palo Alto by Malcolm Harris (c2022). Originally, I was just looking for a “filler title” while awaiting another one on hold, but this one, all 1,500 e-pages of it, kept me riveted to it so much so that I postponed the one on hold until last night. 

Being California-raised and Stanford-educated, I had obvious reason(s) to gravitate toward this book. However, not until I started did I realize I had NO IDEA how many historic details I DIDN’T know about either place until Harris painted his clear and detailed portrait.

Without getting too deep into the woods, let’s just say anyone who believes they have Silicon Valley figured out should first dive headfirst into this work to see if they might learn otherwise! 


Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author & narrator, and full-stack web developer. He can be reached directly for appearances via our CONTACT PAGE.


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