3 Questions  with ANJET CEO, Anthony Newcombe WELL FOLKS, IT’S NOW THE END OF 2023. We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season and the same for 2024!  #Shoutouts  December’s Shout Out goes to all the people who assisted in planning our annual event. We know how demanding things can get – especially […]

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3 Questions with our CEO, Anthony Newcombe Who is this month’s Shout Out!!📯📯 This month, we are sending a BIG SHOUT OUT** to Bill Beard.  He owns a scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and fishing company in beautiful Costa Rica. So, the next time you visit, please make sure to look his company up prior to […]

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3 Questions

3 Questions for our CEO, Anthony Newcombe January, 2022 edition  1) What causes (charities) are you backing currently?  We’re directing traffic to assist the island of Tonga right now. For those who aren’t keeping up for whatever reason, the island just got annihilated by an underwater volcanic eruption and they are in desperate need of funds […]

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