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Question: How many times have we stumbled off to an early morning business trip – only to realize we are completely unorganized?  Oftentimes, we take a fairly simple process and complicate it by committing the kinds of oversights that we would never tolerate in the office.  Below are a few examples that might sound familiar to us all:


  • The 5-minute shave, shower and shuffle
  • The 4-minute pack ‘n’ push-off
  • The 3-minute coffee – oatmeal – dash (of course, with chin crumbs in tow)

And we aren’t talking about an emergency business trip booked at 2-3 a.m. the morning of, but rather one typically planned 2-3 weeks ahead!

So, where does that leave us?  For starters, let’s make this easier by taking a page out of the old book of common sense:

(1) Gentlemen:  whenever possible, try to get your shave in the evening prior.  And, if possible, take your shower too.

(2) The coffee maker should be set to auto-perk.  It saves a big 5 minutes during crunch time, the aroma both serves as a back-up alarm clock and gets the morning juices flowing.  Oh, and from a safety standpoint, this lessens the chance of a “rush/ spill” – resulting in third degree burns.

(3) Last – but never least – pack those bags the night before! If you need professional pointers (though experienced, I am hardly an expert!) on how to pack your clothing wrinkle-free and in good form, then click to: Packing to save space


Remember: forgetting to do any of the above is no excuse for being delayed or missing that all-important meeting on the other end.  All it takes is a bit of pre-planning the night before.  Isn’t your business worth it?  Of course it is!

Oh, and don’t forget to place your airline ticket in a visible spot on top of your luggage.  Don’t bury it inside the luggage where it may inadvertently hide from you under that extra pair of gym shoes you are unlikely to use again until you after you unpack your items upon return home!  Keep it simple, keep it organized and I promise it won’t be nearly the hassle it used to be.

And happy travels, Gekko…now go close that deal!


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