3 Questions

with our CEO, Anthony Newcombe

Ask him anything (just about) travel-related!

Question #1: How busy was this summer’s schedule with the post-COVID travel return? And how does the winter look ahead?

Summer 2022 really demonstrated the resilience of our industry. For two years, we patiently awaited the day we could feel some confidence that the Covid pandemic had generally passed. Though there are still concerns and cautions to adhere to, we are feeling much better about sending our clientele all over the world for business and leisure trips! We hope to continue and we will do our very best to contribute to the solutions rather than the problems in this area.

Question #2: Have you been traveling again too?

I’ve actually had a busy travel schedule this summer. The big difference is I’ve stayed mostly on the ground with driving trips up and down the California coast. I’m back to playing a little golf again, so Santa Barbara, Ojai, Solvang, and a few stops in Ventura County have been in play. Also, I took a great little journey south to San Diego and documented some of the sights, smells, and tastes of it on Instagram (please feel free to click to my handle for more details).

It’s really been a nice little break. HOWEVER, I’m still hungry for some of our bigger trips upcoming to the islands soon!

Question #3: What books have you read recently?

I really enjoyed The Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak . 🌳🌳

Without giving too much away, it’s haunting, it’s beautiful, and it provides little lessons on: agriculture, war, personal relationships and history for the reader. To me, these reasons make it a very worthy read!


Anthony Newcombe is a 4-time entrepreneur, published author and narrator, and full-stack developer. ANJET celebrates its 14th year in business and Anthony has served as founder and CEO since its inception.


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