A. Hadwin! (sort of) 3 Questions with our CEO, Anthony Newcombe #ShoutOut of the month Adam Hadwin Q: Who the heck is Adam Hadwin? A: I know.  We’ve heard it before. Simply put, in sports, we have “The Catch” (Joe Montana to Dwight Clark), “The Drive” (John Elway) and, of course, “The Meltdown(s)” (Atlanta Falcons: […]

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A Closer Look … with Anthony Newcombe

NFL Draft Day 2021👀👀👀 Here we go again … (you junkies!) (published with permission from Well, after nearly 4 months of yawns, lawns (preferred), and less-than-riveting entertainment award shows … WE ARE HERE! The endless speculation as to who the Jacksonville Jaguars might take at #1 (Hint: rhymes with “Brever Torrance”), who the New York Jets will replace Sam […]

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A Closer Look … NFL-Changes-Playoffs-Competition-Postseason-

with Anthony Newcombe  (published with permission from HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 (#HNY)!    We can finally pat ourselves on the back after taking more than a few big ones in the teeth throughout much of 2020.  However, I promise not to mention the “C” word (“Covid”) again today.  It will be the only time that word will […]

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