Empty Legs


an “empty leg” (or “one way”) is defined as an aircraft either departing from or returning to base without passengers (i.e., empty) in flight. These are sometimes also referred to as “deadheads,” but the meaning remains the same. 

Time is of the essence/ limited availability

empty legs/ one ways are limited in availability as well as scope. We have little time to secure the best possible pricing and aircraft selection in any situation. Therefore, it is important to be able to “pull the trigger swiftly” when an opportunity arises.** 

We work tirelessly to locate these opportunities worldwide to save our client base on pricey charter costs.  Also, in these instances the operator and/or aircraft owner may offset costs that would be incurred regardless.   

So, it’s a WIN (our client)/WIN (ANJET)/WIN (operator/owner) for all. 

Of course, one important reminder is that any and all empty legs are subject to cancellation without notice. Therefore, ANJET always recommends “backing up any itinerary” with commercial flight reservations in the event of a cancellation. Unfortunately, the aircraft operator/owner retains 100% of the control decisions in this area.  This is an opportunity – not a right.** 

What EMPTY LEGS mean to ANJET 

  1. Full Service: we don’t simply direct our clients to “click an app, pay, and go catch a jet.” There’s so much more involved – even on a single flight. We pride ourselves in striving to obtain the best possible aircraft for each trip, adding full insurance riders for all parties involved (including ANJET), and personally coordinating all ancillary services, including catering, flight requirements (e.g., passport / COVID-19 / medical issues) and/or oversize or extra luggage. In a nutshell, “one click does NOT fit all” in our vast experience. 
  1. Loyalty: in the “old” days, we operated primarily via “on demand charter.” We required no minimum flight hours or deposits, etc. However, times have changed. Aircraft operators often require full, cash payment prior to booking and terms for payments are a thing of the past. Therefore, we’ve elected to require our clients to pre-purchase ANJET ExecuCards™ (any level as long as it exceeds total cost of each trip) to maintain a balance of consistency and loyalty. This enables us to focus completely and thoroughly on our client base as opposed to expending time and resources on one-off trips 

Regardless of how our clients choose to fly – whether it be a trip planned far in advance or a last-minute empty leg – they can be assured that they will have our full service and attention, which is what all clients have come to expect from us and fully deserve! 

Happy flying! 



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