Stop canceling my flights!

3 Questions

with Anthony Newcombe, CEO & Founder of ANJET

Who’s this month’s “Shoutout of the month?”

It’s talk show host and comedian Bill Maher. Like him or not, Bill said something last week on his show that few consumers in the private jet industry have. Rather than break it down, we’ll instead link to video so you can view and decipher it on your own.

What do you make of all the chaos in airline cancellations over the holidays?

As you may have guessed, this debacle has caused irreparable damage to many travelers and their families. We cannot continue to allow this to happen every holiday season. Perhaps our legislators in D.C. will act in passing some type of common sense laws so we’re not all listening to an assortment of airline CEOs giving their empty apology tours while reverting to the “discounted fares carousel” – accepting minimal responsibility for stranding so many. Call your congressperson…

What books did you read over the 2022 holidays?

Last month, I finished Adrift: America in 100 charts by Scott Galloway. Galloway illustrates America’s inequities via 100 historical grafts, pie charts, and other illustrations. It is a fast-paced, comprehensive and insightful examination which describes (with more than ample visual proof) exactly how we got to where we are economically, politically, and socially in this country.


Anthony Newcombe is the CEO/ founder of ANJET (2008). He is a published author and narrator and a full-stack web developer.

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