Catastrophe While Traveling

3 Questions with our CEO, Anthony Newcombe 1) Catastrophes: How do we insure against them on trips? We’re asked this question often. If one travels long enough, eventually they will encounter what I refer to as a C.W.T. “Catastrophe While Traveling.” Nothing can disrupt a long ago planned business trip or vacation more. Worse yet, […]

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Skills? (A Closer Look)

A Closer Look … with Anthony Newcombe  published with permission from writeplus.biz Let’s take a closer look … @ NEW SKILLS DURING COVID LOCKDOWN?? Topic: What skill did you learn/ are you learning during the extended “home-based” Covid-19 period?   Personal note: Like you, I noticed plenty of people getting in on the new “mask production craze.”   […]

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A Closer Look

with Anthony Newcombe Published with permission from writeplus.biz Topic: Reopening vs. Testing (Covid-19)   Issue: Is it better to risk an economic collapse using a more deliberate approach in reopening America (with a broader national testing program), or, try to get us ‘back to normal’ as quickly as possible and risk another spike in infections and deaths?  […]

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