Banking regulators step in to save struggling regional banks 3 Questions with our CEO Anthony Newcombe, ANJET CEO #Shoutout of the month Our shout out of the month is: all of the banking regulators responsible for stopping the bank contagion. We need to give the public a break from a continuous stream of crises: the […]

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3 Questions

Our CEO, Anthony Newcombe, shares his latest … QUESTION 1: WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL CITIES AND WHY? ANSWER: I’ve been all over the world, but one of my favorite all around cities is Hong Kong. I know there’s a lot of political turmoil right now, but I’ve never flown so far from […]

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A Closer Look

A Closer Look … at Health & Pandemics! posted with permission from WritePlus with Anthony Newcombe (Vol. II) Issue: What “good” has already resulted from shutting down entire city, state, and nation populations due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Let’s take ‘a closer look’ … If you haven’t yet noticed, we are in an international health […]

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